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Toby Keith

"Do I Know You (Bottom of My Heart)"

[Verse 1]
Do I know you
Have we ever met
You've got a smile I could never forget
Perhaps you've mistaken me for someone you know

What's that you say
Am I losing my mind
That's just one of the things girl
That I left behind
You must be talking about something
That happened a long time ago

If I forgot to remember your name and your face
Excuse me forgetting I must have misplaced
That part of my life that left all the scars
From the back of my mind, to the bottom of my heart

[Verse 2]
There's a look in your eyes
I've seen before
It's all too familiar but I can't be sure
I've got a memory somewhere
That looks a lot like you

I'm still confused
With these feelings inside
I want to reach out and hold you and I want to hide
Tell me did I really love you
Or are you someone that I never knew


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