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Toby Keith

"Whiskey Girl"

[Verse 1]
Don't my baby look good in them blue jeans?
Tight on the top with a belly button ring
A little tattoo somewhere in between
She only shows to me

Hey we're going out dancing she's ready tonight
So damn good-looking boys it ain't even right
And when bar tender says for the lady
What's it going to be?
I tell him man

She ain't into wine and roses
Beer just makes her turn up her nose
And, she can't stand the thought of sipping' champagne
No Cuervo Gold Margaritas
Just ain't enough good burn in tequila
She needs something' with a little more edge and a little more pain
She's my little whiskey Girl
My Ragged-on-the-edges girl
Ah, but I like them rough

[Verse 2]
Baby got a '69 mustang
Four on the floor, and you ought to hear the pipes ring
I jump behind the wheel and it's away we go
Hey, I drive too fast, but she don't care

Blue bandana tied all up in her hair
Just sitting there singing every song on the radio

[Chorus x2]

Whoa she's my little whiskey girl
My ragged-on-the-edges girl
Ah, but I like them rough
Yeah, I like them rough
I like them rough

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