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Toby Keith

"You Already Love Me"

[Verse 1]
Yeah me and bobby p stayed out all night
Kicking it and cutting up and getting right
I had a good time
Till I cam crawling in bout daylight
And you were bawling
And remember that time I took your car
You told me not to drive it but my truck wouldn't start
I had to leave it parked it got a whiskey dent
Down at the handlebar where I swore I never went darling

You get mad sometimes
I drive you right out of your mind
I don't mean to make you crazy
I'm not the devil just a dude
Baby girl I know that you
Could do better than me maybe
But it’s too later, you already love me
Yeah it’s too late, you already love me

[Verse 2]
Starch my shirt and press my pants
Meet your boss at tour Christmas dance
In a suit and tie
I wore my boots and jeans
And when he rolled his eyes
Girl I caused a scene baby


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