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Toby Keith

"You Ain't Alone"

[Verse 1]
I’ve chased all the cracks up and down the ceiling
Worn a path across these hardwood floors
I’ve stared at the walls and I’ve looked out the window
And I pray for your knock upon my door

There’s a sad lovers’ moon shining on the evening
I miss you more than ever and I’m sorry that you’re gone
I wish things were different
I had no way of knowing
If you’re all by yourself tonight
You ain’t alone, you ain’t alone

[Verse 2]
No coffee on the stove
And on the table in the kitchen
There’s a busted hand of midnight solitaire
There’s a ghost in the bedroom
A nightgown on the dresser
A broken heart that wishes you were there


Tears of sorrow and regret
Ashtrays full of cigarettes
Empty bottles lined up just like soldiers
But by now somebody holds her

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