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Toby Keith

"35 MPH Town"

[Verse 1]
Mama locked the door last night
For the first time in all of her years
I said Mama you gotta be kiddin' me
She said things ain't like they used to be 'round here
You just wouldn't believe it
Kids growin' up without Jesus
A good thing your Daddy ain't here to see this now
They stay higher than the water tower
In this thirty-five mile an hour town

[Verse 2]
She said it ain't the drugs, it ain't the booze
I've had a back road buzz or two myself
It seems like heaven's slippin' further away
The devil ain't got far to go when they raise hell
We used to burn a hole through midnight
Smoking a stolen Marlboro Light and
On a good night might kill a fifth of Crown
But now there's a lower higher power
In this thirty-five mile an hour town

Oh we can't blame the babies for growin' up lazy
And crazy, it ain't them that let them down
If they ain't stealin', they're suin'
Why work when we'll give it to 'em
It's right there in the Bible we don't put out
Spare the rod and you'll sour a
Thirty-five mile an hour town

[Verse 3]
The "yes ma'am's" gone and the "please's" too
It's out the door with the "thank you"
In the evening you don't see a front yard football game
The neighbor kids have done away
With the shirts and skins
No one hits the front porch lights
To get their kids to come inside
Cause the streets ain't safe
For a bike to ride down
Since they printed a prowler
In this thirty-five mile an hour town

No they're going nowhere fast tonight
No matter how fast they drive in this
Thirty-five mile an hour town

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