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"Exposing Me (Remix)"

[Intro: FBG Duck & Rooga]
Ayy Ewell
I don't want no autotune, f*ck all that sh*t
This how they want me to come
Back the f*ck up, ayy, ayy

[Verse 1: Rooga]
That's the way it go
I'ma hit this cut, you hit that cut, better know which way to go
Got some information that you b*tch n*ggas would hate to know
n*ggas talk that sh*t but they don't even know who made the O
Drop a bag on your head, my shooters get paid to blow

[Verse 2: FBG Duck]
f*ck around and slide through the O like I'm from the O
Let off 23 then 7 more, that's how I come for bro
T. Roy ain't get shot inside his head but he ain't make it though
They got so many dead n*ggas, b*tch, I don't know who to smoke

[Verse 3: Rooga]
I don't know who to smoke, but I'll take Lil Boo to go
I can see him through the smoke (Ayy, ayy)
Caught his ass comin' out the crib, shot him through the door
Tweakin' off the mids, I think Lil Steve comin' through the floor

[Verse 4: FBG Duck]
He got caught in traffic, Waldo ain't get to finish his status
He on the internet laughin', cappin', then got caught without it
f*ck your homie, he dead, you heard what I said
f*ck Sheroid, f*ck Odee, f*ck D-Thang, and f*ck Tire Head

[Verse 5: Rooga]
You n*ggas hoes to me, you couldn't even get close to me
I keep my heater, It's right by my side, so watch how you walk when approachin' me
Baldy got smoked by a tree, run up on him with the stick and smoked him like a leaf
Now they chalkin' up the street, for walkin' up the street, please stop talkin' up the beef

[Verse 6: FGB Duck]
J Money got it the worst of me, that's how it's 'posed to be
It's a lot of n*ggas that I'm not even gon' mention but they where they 'posed to be, uh
n*ggas be thinkin' they killers, uh, you look like a ghost to me, uh
Boy, I been smokin' your homie, uh, this sh*t chokin' me

[Verse 7: Rooga]
Mentioning Scrapp ain't gon' get you sh*t but a brand new grave slab
We do it for Scrapp, we done f*cked around and made 600 change blocks
I'm fresh off a hit, might switch up the clothes, but I got the same Glock
You know what it is, we comin' for more, might shoot up the same block

[Verse 8: FBG Duck]
These n*ggas mentionin' Tooka, I'll f*ck around, send you to meet him
Uh, I don't got my Glock, when I see an opp, on bro, I'ma beat 'em
Uh, I'm smokin' Lil Steve can't breath, I'm thinkin' it's over
I wish I was right there when Lil Boo got slumped, I would've ran his sh*t over
(Hold on, hold on, hold on, who this Steve on?)

[Verse 9: Rooga]
Pass him to me, we'll just add him to the family tree
Smacked his ass with the back of the heat
Stello got hit from the back of the seat
Damn, the back of the seat?
He tried to get up from the back of the seat
They left his head in the back of the seat

[Verse 10: FBG Duck]
Murder? Who you murdered?
Talkin' 'bout you flippin' sh*t, what? A burger?
Boy, you nervous, uh, you ain't never shot no one in person

[Verse 11: Rooga]
You n*ggas b*tches, where y'all purses?
Man you n*ggas went and dyed y'all hair on purpose
But was it worth it? How that's workin'?
Man I wouldn't be surprised if they start twerkin'

[Verse 12: FBG Duck]
Told 'em stay in tune, b*tch, I'm workin', uh
Please don't think sh*t chicken, this ain't Church's, uh
Tired of puttin' n*ggas in these hearses, uh
I should get a million for these verses, uh

[Outro: Rooga]
On foenem grave
You already know how this sh*t go
Got my blick on me, got my stick on me
Back the f*ck up
All you bop ass hoes, all you goofy ass n*ggas
Memo, stop wearin' that fake ass sh*t out your daddy van (b*tch)

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