Rollin [Freestyle] lyrics


We put some real n***as on a tee boy
The opps (???)
I am scrapp g boy
You mention Scrapp or Dooski name, that's RIP boy
Scrapp gang, that's clap gang
Keep 2 Glocks like Max Payne
These n***as be b*t*h made with b*t*h ways
They just act gang
Set him up off backpage
He ain't get laid but he got laid
And the b*t*h that set the whole thing up
Steady sayin she ain't got paid
When the summer come
We got sh*t with double drums
That'll have you hesitating to jump in beef
Like it's double dutch, b*t*h
Ain't no one-on-ones
If folks swing imma come with one
If we can't find that n***a, f**k it
We gon give his brother some
Why the f**k you think they call me Rooga?
Pull up with rugers (???)
These n***as tough on computers
(???) before we was shooters, ay
Since you wanna die your hair, then sh*t
Better pray you don't die when your head get hit
You try to run and your leg get hit
Then I walk up to see just how dead you is
Now it's up there
Tell your homie wassup while you up there
On the 6 block, yeah it get tough there
Boy them steppas wouldn't even step up there
Ay ay, i move like a thief in the night
Boy i keep with that pipe (???)
Don't believe in the hype, 23 in this pipe
Put it all to his back now he Mike
My b*t*h say i got childish ways
Cuz i like to ride with that K
And i ain't even mention my wildest days
Boy i used to hop out and chase
Way before rap we was wrappin up n***as
Can't go to that party, we clapped at them n***as
We added blicks and subtracted some n***as
Then multiplied and divided you n***as
You can get shot out a window
Dropped from the 10th floor
Big ass gun on me, this b*t*h hittin like Kimbo
Find out your info, kill you and your kinfolks
He got smoked outdoors, but he smoke like indo
You can catch smoke from the SIG
You die like it's cancer
I shoot like i ain't got no manners
Boy this 40, it'll do damage
Like what was you thinkin n***a?
You catch a shot like you drinkin wit us
Now i can see what you thinkin n***a
You shoulda never been tweakin wit us
This ain't no 5
Ain't no hangin outside
Them boys gon slide, they hoppin out rides
Hollow tips gon fly
Boy you know the vibes
b*t*h i'll go lookin and searchin for n***as
I know that's them n***as, blow at them guys
We went to war wit them n***as
Upped score on them n***as
Believe me, a lot of em died
In the party, mids everywhere
b*t*h i'm rollin
Mention one of them Gs
You gon get your life stolen
All that tough sh*t that you doin
You better control it
My sh*t automatic
All i gotta do is hold it

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