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Irma Thomas

"Coming From Behind / Wish Someone Would Care"

In all of the travels I've had
Town to town, country to country
I've discovered that we women have a lot in common
We worry about the same things

You know a man is a hell of a thing
He has a way of taking a woman for granted
He thinks anything she does, she has to do it
But it just doesn't go like that baby
You see, a woman is a very peculiar person
She gives love, but she expects love in return

It doesn't matter to her what you look like
Who you are
But it does matter as to how she's treated
You see
I was told
To treat people the way you want to be treated
Especially your man

But men don't care
All they think a woman is for
Whatever he need her
When he need her and how he needs her
He never thought that he always got what he wanted and didn't care what it was

You see fellas
When you go out and do time like you do and can
You forget that two can play your game
And every time you men two time
We women can three

Now there's some of you fellas who've had your Wheaties and you've eaten your Cheerios and you've taken your one of a day vitamin with iron
So you feel real groovy
And you go out
And you three time

Well go ahead, baby, go right ahead
Because every time you men three time
We women can six
And our back won't be hurting when we get through

You know, when I was a little girl mother told me that
Diamonds were a girl's best friend
Well I'm afraid as I've grown up I kind of disagree with mother
You see a woman was born with the most precious jewel in the world
And they pay for diamonds, don't they

Why can't you men feel
The same way we women feel when it comes to love
Sure, some of us aren't any good
But we weren't meant to be angels
We were meant to bring forth angels
And as a child you are an angel
But when you grow up you supposed to be like grown-ups
Love and give love

I'm in love
But I'm miserable
Because the man I loved walked out
I gave him all I had
All the time
Any time
He wanted it
But he still walked out
And I'm miserable

I loved him
But he walked out

Some day he'll be back
I know it
Because what I did, I did it well
No if and or but about it
And when you do your job well
You don't have to worry baby
He'll be back

I still have my men
He's just going on a slight vacation
He's sort of like a test pilot
Of the outer world
And after he gets out there and discovers that
Nothing like the real thing he's got at home
I know he's coming back
He hasn't the choice
Because I made it good to him
Oh yes I did

I'm miserable now, but uh
I can laugh about it
I find that when you smile, nothing is really so bad
Even if I catch him with that other woman
It won't be so bad
Because she's there temporarily
You see I got papers on him
I'll loan him for a few days

Sitting home alone
Thinking about my past
Wondering how I made it
And how long it's gonna last
Successes come to life with him
Failure's always there
Time waits for no-one
And I wish

Oh, I wish someone
Yeah, oh yes I do
Some folks think you're happy
When you wear your smile
But what about your tribulations
And all of your trials

Smiles how to lots of things
The good, the bad, the hope
And all of this boat too
And I wish
Oh, I wish someone would care

Mmm hmmm
Mmm hmmm
Mmmmmmmmm yeah
Oohhhh yeah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Ohh yeah oh I need you
Ohh I got to have somebody
Somebody somebody somebody to care
Oh oh ohh ohhh
I need somebody
Just to have somebody
Ohh please
Ohh I got to have somebody
Got to have somebody
I need somebody
To come and see if I do
Yeah I've got to have
I've got to have
Yeah yeah yeah ohhhhh
I've got to have somebody
Ohh ohhhh yeah
Got to have somebody
I need
I need
I need
I need
Got to have somebody
Got to got to got to I got to have somebody
Have somebody
Somebody somebody
Got to have it
Got to have it
Yes I do
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
I got to I got to have somebody
I need I need somebody to care
Oh yes I do
Mmmhmm mmmhmm I mmhmmm
Ohh I need ohhh ohhh ohhh ohhhhh ooh ooohhh oohhhh oohhh
I got to I got to have somebody
Please please got to feel what I feel
Ohhh ooohh ohhh ohhhh I got to have somebody ohhh
Ohhh ohhh oohhh got to feel what I feel
Got to feel somebody
Got to want somebody
Ohhh ohhh I need oohhh oohhhh
I got to ohhh yes I do oohhh ohhh ohhh oohhhh ohhhh yes I do
Got to have somebody ohhh ohhhh ohhh ohhh
I got to I got to have somebody ohhh yeah oh yes I do
Oh don't you don't you have it ohhh ohhh ohhh mmhmm mhhhmm

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