Blessings lyrics


Blessings on me now dis labels wanna hit me back (whoow)
Blessings on me now ma haters wanna be ma fans (whoow)
I be counting all ma blessings I dont give a damn (No)
Tell it to dis n***as u can neva stop me now (yo)

Blessings on blessings
Still unwrapping my blessings
Steady stacking am flexing mhen i just dropped you a classic

They say life full of lessons
Well am down for no stressing
Gucci dressing am bluffing
But never f**k with ma dresser

I just bought me Magiela
All d way from Tripeca
I don't f**k with Reporters
But I f**k with Rebecca (Haarlow)

NBA type of Quarters
Balling just like d Lakers
Eleven rings all in total yall never f**k with d takers

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