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Taylor Swift

""Bad Blood" Video Breakdown"

Cold Open

The Betrayal

Smashed Car

Welvin Da Great at the Office

Lucky Fiori, Also at the Office

Futuristic Tanning Bed (??)

Armor Prep

Bursting through Walls

A Scene from the Movie Tron

Welvin in a Plastic Car

Target Practice

Crimson Curse Cackle

Inclement Weather Training


Roman Candle

Catastrophe's Crew

Destructa X finally shoots

Final Face Off

Posters and Characters

Cara Delevingne starring as Mother Chucker
Cindy Crawford starring as Headmistress
Ellen Pompeo starring as Luna
Ellie Goulding starring as Destructa X
Gigi Hadid starring as Slay-Z
Hailee Steinfeld starring as the Trinity
Hayley Williams starring as the Crimson Curse
Jessica Alba starring as Domino
Karlie Kloss starring as Knockout
Kendrick Lamar starring as Welvin da Great
Lena Dunham starring as Lucky Fiori
Lily Aldridge starring as Frostbyte
Mariska Hargitay starring as Justice
Martha Hunt starring as HomeSlice
Selena Gomez starring as Arsyn
Serayah McNeill starring as Dilemma
Taylor Swift starring as Catastrophe
Zendaya starring as Cut-Throat

Catastrophe Vs. Homeslice

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