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Taylor Swift

""Look What You Made Me Do" Video Breakdown"

Bird's Eye View

Graveyard Shift

Out Of The Woods, Er, Ground

'Cause She's Dead

Ice Bath

Snake Queen

"Et tu, Bruté?"

Car Crash

Just A Girl And Her Grammy

Keep Swinging

Cats, Cats, Cats


Money To Burn

Stream Co.


Fallen Models

In Formation

TS Fan Club


Can't Come To The Phone

We Were Dancing, Dancing

Blowing Up


Final Bow


"You Belong With Me" Taylor: You guys!

"Out Of The Woods" Zombie: Stop making that surprised face, you're so annoying.

"Shake It Off" Taylor: Yeah, you can't possibly be that surprised all the time.

"LWYMMD" Taylor: What's with that b*tch?

"Out Of The Woods" Zombie: Don't call me that!

Fearless Era Taylor: Y'all!

"We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" Taylor: Oh, stop acting like you're so nice! You are so fake!

Biker Taylor: There she goes, playing the victim again.

Met Gala 2014 Taylor: What are you doing?

Cheetah Taylor: Getting receipts. Gonna edit this later!

2009 VMA Taylor: I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative...

All: Shut up!

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