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Taylor Swift

"I'm Looking Out For You"

[?] bad days, tell me, I'll [?]
[?] look so sad? You feel [?]
[?] know you thought you had it
I know all about that
You had planned out, saw the [?]
You, I'm a dreamer, too
Lost the [?] but I'll be right [?]
And I'll take care of you

If you get knocked off your feet
I'll try to see it coming
I'll get a symphony to play that song [?] [love?]
Pick you up, take your hand, stop your crying
There's no chance you won't make it through
I'm looking out for you

Beneath those scared eyes
There's something wonderful
That you don't know you have
I know you're scared but I'd pass up a miracle
Just to hear you laugh

If you get tired of me, I'll pretend to let you go
If you need room to breathe, step back and watch you go

Sweet child, you've seen better days
But you know it's gonna be okay
Show me that smile you got from your father
It's gonna be fine just because you got my love, you got my love

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