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Taylor Swift

"Phil Swift Has a Seizure While Recording Another Ad"

[Intro: Phil Swift, Taylor Swift]
Hi, Taylor Swift here for ? (Nope, hah!)
The super soup rubber-er rubber-er rubber-on ? glue-uwu
It lals into place, sase, sa-, sa-, sa-
And it holds on tight
Ow my anus

[Part 1: Phil Swift, Team Fortress 2 character, ?]
Flex Glue acts like a maggot
Even this heavy stick is gonna brick, bri-ick, bri-ick, bri-ick
And our butt probe formula has even more anime (Yes I'm a weeaboo).
So you can tackle the biggest jobs (Bobs)
Now there's Flex Glue for everything you do
Flex Glue screws you over, screws, screws, screws, screws, screws, screws, screws
Powerful adhesive
No anime

[Part 2: Phil Swift, Sir Mix-A-Lot, distorted ?]
Not only does Flex Glue screw you over, Flex Glue has a maze grab, grab, grraaabbbbb
But, but, but, but
I like big butts and I cannot lie
But it actually gets timer over strong
And once it reaches maximum strength, Flex Glue can easily lift over nine thousand
To show you the power of f--- glue, I sawed this boat in half, I saws-
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