Endure lyrics

Taylor Swift

[Verse 1]
Was it worth it selling a part of me for some borrowed money
I am not a record player you can just sell on a auction
They tried to make a bid on me just to own a half of me
But i am the one that will have the last laugh

They tried to call my generosity fake
Some would go far to call me a cheat
What once was friendly is now a negotiation
We were great friends but you and him turned it ugly

Now i endure such pain i could be the most praised
But that won't change the fact that i won't heal for a long timе
Yes i'm stitched back togethеr
But just because i'm in one piece doesn't mean
I didn't endure such pain and loneliness

[Verse 2]
And you would go celebrate and call a party
While i was dwelling to the people that stayed with me
After everybody jumped on the train
And left me stranded in hatred and fear
But the toughest part was pretending nothing happened
And just being photographed onto the newspaper

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