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Lost Dog Street Band

"Old Yeg Lee"

Well my name, it is Lee
I'm a yeg and a thief
I've picked every lock this side of hell
And I'm doing swell
Although lordy lordy knows only time will tell

Where I sleep I don't care
Like to smoke, like to swear
I can drink any rounder to his knees
Another whiskey please
Shoot a ten dollar piece at a thousand feet

When I make my way back
Few more miles down the track
Saw a lady (?) she smiles at me
A little bumblebee
She's sweet like honey but she sure can sting

Through the rain and the snow
I'mma book a telo
By a pull of a silver in my jeans
And a couple of dreams
I can pull us on down to New Orleans

I got drunk I got loud
I got kicked outta town
Sheriff said "We don't want your kind round here
Do I make that clear?"
So I went to speak with the engineer

I'm in need of a train
Take me back where I came
Make it Long, make it fast and let her go
Let the whistle blow
So every hot weather tramp knows when to go

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