​im trying


I-I-In the bathroom, f**king up your makeup-up
We gon' take them pills just to stay up-up
You think that you're in love with me (Me)
But I think I wanna break up
All the things we couldn't have
All the times have gone and past
And I wish that I could take it back
I smoke the dope then taste the ash
With you, with you
I'm lost, confused
And the drugs, abused
See your face, I fall in love with you

3AM and we drivin' down the highway-way-way
I just really wanna do it my way
You won't top it like we kissin' over MySpace
Would you kiss me with the blood on my face?
Can't wake up
No, I can't wake up
No, I can't wake up
Can't wake up, can't wake up
Baby, I can't wake up
f**kin' up your makeup every night, every night
Every single way I'm wasting time, wasting time
You don't want it, but you got it
Yeah, smokin' on some dope and it feel supersonic
And the money count up, while we countin', poppin'
When the money go up, all these b*t*hes watchin'

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