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In the bathroom f**kin' up your makeup (up)
We gon' take them pills just to stay high (high)
You gon' think that you're in love with me (me)
But I think I want to break up
All the things that could have
All the times that gone to past
And I wish that I could take it back
I swallowed the ? gon' taste the ash
With you, with you
I'm lost, confused
Off the drugs, abused
I see your face, I fall in love with you

[Verse 1]
3 A.M. wanna drive down the highway (way-way)
I just really wanna do it my way
? like we kissin' over MySpace
Wish you'd kiss me with the blood on my face
Can't wake up
No, I can't wake (up-up-up)
No, I can't wake up
I can't wake up
Can't wake (up-up-up)

Baby, I can't wake up

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