Yo Gotti

"Damn (Remix)"

Oh, Oh, Oh
Oh, 40
Woo hoo
'Fingazz on the track'
You got a a G like Damn
She already know who I am
Girl you know that I can
Put you in the mood so
You move you body really slow to the beat like damn
Go up and down like damn
Then drop it to the floor like damn
Do it real slow, oh you incredible you got a G like damn

[Verse 1 - 40 Glocc]
Allow me to introduce myself
Dr. Dre life with instant wEalth
Snoop D O double G made the Connect
Being bad Let's take a spin on the ass strip
Big bad 4-0, fIrst class in a jet
Fresh off the porch of the project stePs
Went from Mobb Deep to meeting Jimmy Iovine
And model chicks, but uh, lemme keep it clean
Been around the world and some with 50 Cent
East coast Tim's, west coast accent
Zoo life, ten cars in the caravan
Even Los Angeles like, damn
When we out in Chicago, they like damn
When we dippin' in Memphis, they like damn
I ain't trippin', I'm global, they like damn
From the Vegas night life to the tourist pose got em like damn
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