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Yo Gotti


[Intro: T.I.]
Hey man
I got a real short list of sh*t I like to do
Ya dig
Get money (Yeah)
Kick sh*t (I Just wanna ball, yeah)
That's the list, n***a, that's it

[Chorus: T.I.]
I just wanna ball in the wraith
With your broad in the way
And I wanna, I'ma take my shot
I pray to God, is it all in a day
Leave your daughter with the papers
f**k a hater 'til the day I die (yeah, yeah, yeah)
f**k what them b*t*hes saying, f**k what them n***as doing
Before you were getting going, I was getting to it

[Verse 1: T.I.]
Put it down, bankrolls in the neighborhood
Was catching cases, before I got to get some paper good
Lil homie asked me "Unc, how do you know you came up?"
I said you deal with less b*t*hes wearing lace fronts
I don't like her, feel that way about a lot of rappers
I don't talk about 'em
Most these n***as ain't gon' bust a grape and they just talking loud
Godbody, got a problem, n***a go to war about it
Hm, having problems understanding your logic, man
For four hundred, I'll take your honey and tour London
Get some more money
Don't believe me? Well, you a dummy
Ain't no pun intended
Military guns in the mansion
Ain't no runnin' in it
A rubber when I f**ked that b*t*h
It ain't no c*mming in it
Since my first album, I been serious
Ain't no funny business
b*t*h, ain't no funny business
No weapon against me shall prosper
But it's welcome to form
Knew from the day I was born I'd perform in the Forum
Ringing bells and blowing horns when my name called
I'm just a self-made n***a in the wraith though
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