"Miles Morales"

Verse 1 (DizzyEight):
Ooh, young black king with a dream on a come up, I used to dream of the come up
It's funny, they used to see through me, now my name ring when it come up
You can get flipped if you run up, acrobatic, you get spun up
See the swagger, yeah it's sharp like a dagger, ya girl I can bag her if I really want her aye
Look see you never walk a mile in my shoes
Transparent, but you can never follow my moves
I'm a legend, everybody wanna do what I do
Listen, you don't need a mask just to do what I do
An op wanna step to I, I'm petrified
Nah, if wе spar, get electrifiеd
Peep the attire, man I'm dressed to fight
Look at the fit, get the kicks with the best design
Look, watch how I swing through the city (city)
Light in my hand, I get litty (litty)
Listen, my life wasn't pretty
I had to rise from that nitty and gritty
Wow, I do not fight with my rocks on
If I take em off you get rocked on
I got infinite energy Roxxon
When they see me swinging it's like rock on like woo

Chorus (DizzyEight):
Got em all counting on me
I'm trynna be the hero that they need
Tell me what it's gon be?
Tell me am I gon sink (nah, no way)
I got it, I got it
Can't stop it, not an option
Man, I got it, I got it
They relying on the boy, so I got em
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