Verse 1 (That Rapper Mix):
Look, straight into battle, shoot from the hip, you gotta follow me comrades
Get in my way, you probably regret it, I'll be collecting your dog tags
Dropping a bomb on these rappers, lyrics like bullets from chopper gunners, every lobby I'm running
Top of the board, no, I ain't fronting, think I got aimbot or something
People be calling my phone, I pick it up like not now
I'm on a killstreak, I got em real weak, I'm going crazy in Moscow
Ain't no one stopping me, say you could body me, probably I think you know you won't (nope)
You are red dot on the map, all in my scope, you probably going ghost
You move like a stun grenade, hit ya, I'm moving like Gung-Ho wow
Keep your head on the swivel, you probably won't hear it when I make the gun go blaow
Dominate, MP5, I don't gotta aim
Lost B flag, know I'm on the way
Spawn trap boy better Andale
Bullet holes all in your body, find a doctor, go and operate
You match up with me, you ain't gotta chance
Extended mag, my M16, I know my bullet make that body dance yeah
Aim for the head, lay em to rest, ain't no one faster with the ADS
I got the numbers to back up the claim, whenever I say I'm the best
I leave it all on the map, fight til it ain't nothing left
Feel like I'm playing with bots, I load up the game, who do I gotta shoot next?
Turn on em with that twenty twenty sens
What's twenty twenty gonna do next?
I'm serious I control every game mode
That's a hard point like a period yeah
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