Anime Cypher Vol. 2 Contest Entry



Controlling my foes when they look in my eyes
Lelouch in the booth you get took by surprise
Leave you scared, when you see me near
You better be prepared for this lethal glare
Mess with my sister and you wake the demon up
I know them n***as got something they're scheming up
So they gon feel all this rage thats been heating up
Leavin' em, slaughtered like I was Euphemia
See em run, I am Lelouch vi Britannia
Got the Black Knights on my side I command em
I make em panic, they tryna figure out
Who is this guy in a mask on the camera
I am a villain combined with a hero
Evil's how im perceived to the people
Leading the pack they calling me zero
Just like the f**ks that I'm giving I'm lethal

You shouldn't sleep on me cuz im a nightmare
Pulling up firing off from a Knightmare
Do you like Clovis cuz im finna pop you
My will to live is as strong as Suzaku
Enemies dead from the second I spot em
So im leaving b*t*hes redheaded like Kallen
I need my piece of the pie like im C.C
Winning is something that I'm gonna see to
Trying to stand in my way is a no go
I make you freeze in your tracks like im Rolo
So much respect that this sh*t has gotten me
Did it for Nunnally, there ain't no stopping me
I got my squad with me, I am a prodigy
Battles or chess take the L cuz you lost to me
Even when facing a guy who could read my thoughts
He lost, he couldn't rock with me
I was abandoned they turned their backs
How could they just leave me hurt like that?
I got this power then I decided
That im gunna deal all the hurt right back
I am the best, never will be topped
Thats how its been since I got the Geass
You can get deaded if you tryna start me
Whether youre small or youre bigger than Bartley
So charismatic that girls are impressed
So they just love me like Shirley Fenette
Surely a threat, a man on a mission
Deserve the respect, they all stand at attention
The Black Knight, that's the drip that im sportin'
Not Jeremiah ain't rocking no orange
Anyone scheming just isn't important
Cuz when I see em they'll be in a coffin

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