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[Verse 1 - PK]
Mr. Darp, I'm mad, freshman
Eating hotdogs underwater
Sending nudes to all these hoes
Yeah, hope none was your daughter
I eat 'em out, on the daily
Even though they're f*cking boring
The squad runs out the crib and leaves them by the morning
Other thots be texting me their whole damn life story
Sike, b*tch, nah, hoe, come find me like I'm dory
I need my daily dose of dro
This crew be moving real slow
I keep soy sauce up on my waist and spray my nut across your face

[Verse 2 - Akhil]
Econ boys we back from the last track
And you know our rhymes they don't ever slack
Gotta check my rear-view gotta look back
Passing all the rappers call us quarterbacks
Back from the dead not on our deathbed
And we spitting fire like a dragonhead
No one saw us coming call us infrared
Econ boys we back and we far ahead

[Verse 3 - Yung Halal]
Yung Halal out here with the Econ Boys
Now let me show you all how a Paki destroys
For all y'all that don't know me
I be halal in the streets
But all these girls know I become haram in the sheets
In the night, I make the girls go yullah
She said say you love me but I ain't saying wullah
All these stupid arabs out here stoning
But I'm making their daughters moaning

[Verse 4 - David Baron]
Yeah I f*cking hate supreme
But I'm rocking ars deo
Poppin pills like I'm neo
Every time I write my raps
They're always on some other sh*t
Bad b*tches in the trap
Catch you running like a trick
Half you has beens can't rap
Half you rappers can't trap

[Verse 5 - OBB]
Yeah I'm making mad green
That's why they call me Shrek
Making all these girls wet
Splash splash hit the deck
Back from the dead b*tch
Yeah you know that's what I said
We don't need no sales pitch
Already got too much bread
Flying high in a spaceship, like an alien
My favorite glands you know those mammarians
Riding round, with my boys, making niches
We don't talk to snitches
We the top class look at all these riches

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