Yo what do they know 'bout heartache?
How much more can my heart take?
How much P can my bars make?
I see f**kery and don’t partake
Yo back then I wanted to be R9
And right now I can buy an R8
Yo I'm proud to say I spit bars mate
And f**k them lot I'm doin’ it for our sake
Who? Us lot
Same dons who were cranked in the bus stop
Seen a few fake things and it must stop
Hood's hottest and you know that my hood's hot
Shoulda seen that cheque that I just got
I remember goin' halves on draws blud
Now they take press shots not mugshots
And they all go Janum's tour
That's some bullsh*t that I can't endorse
Soft inside but you're hard indoors
Crops inside of apartment doors
Feels like I won all the hardest wars
Mad paranoid what you sharkin’ me for?
Act like you ain’t seen a Cartier before
Few years back it was parties galore
But man's grown up don’t ask for a truce if you started the war
You dumb nah I'm not gonna mind my own
Mad childish but I'm kinda grown
Watch who you let inside your home
I spend time alone the same feelin' when you can’t find your phone
Yeah that's heartache bruv
Hold it in when you can't take stuff
Let it out couldn't give two f**ks
Nobody loves you like your marjay does are you mad
Trust man's badder than bad
Got one son but I'm everyone's dad
Say it with my chest I'm the king of Brum
And I stand by that if anyone's mad
And if he's p*ssed off then tell him I'm glad
I make girls wet like the Evian ad
Don't say shh like Headie One's Track
Go tell them JayKae's ready, I'm back
Yeah it's been a minute
Life goes fast like FIFA minutes
I'm on a badboy ting no need for gimmicks
Try pull a fast one on me blud I'll take your tool, then beat you with it
Make your life hell then leave you in it
Yeah it's my life and I don't need you in it
Got hotters for sale what litre is it?
Got a friend in jail that I need to visit
Yeah it's been long but I can't forget man
I do nothin' but I still upset man
I think I might get a tat on my left hand
On the right hand's 2REAL, Depzman
Still drivin' like I can't get banned
I can throw it all away in 10 minutes
Or in half hour I can make 10 grand
B10 but I don't need 10 man
I won't roll on you but my friend can
Got a hammer and I called it West Ham
Still SHM not a westman
Yeah I've come a long way from them days
Focus never had them ways
Self taught never had senseis
So don't watch me make sure your rent's paid
F**k it
Half a mil on the table I still ain't took it
Hands reached out but I still ain't shook it
Still can't believe how far we've took it
Yeah man I've got a bucket list too big for a bucket
Friends on a straight path, some on a crooked
I tell them don't do anything stupid
Yeah I got a batman now I want a hulk
I don't do smalls man want it in bulk
Go and put your head in the pillow and sulk you muppet
And I ain't forgot what it's like to be broke
You might get shot if you try to provoke
Feeding your girlfriend lines of the coke
F**k it
That's heartache bruv

Small Heath