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"Froggy 2"

[Verse 1: Jaykae]
They never expected this
Pulling up in electric whips, expensive sh*t
Got 19 with extended clips

Not my team but we'll end your sh*t
100 pants in a rented crib
Blud you're a drip if you mention drip
Bossman's back with apprenticeships
Born and raised in the ends i'm in
You better watch out for the friends i'm with
Man don't care about sentences
Pull up in main entrances
You can check all of my references
Hit man like it was fencing ribs
Still on my independent sh*t
No life sense in rented whips
Them man don't set trends they stick
'cause they got no grip
Holding your bag but you got no stick
That sh*t there get your combo quick
Ain't coming home let you mum know quick
Let 'em all know that I'm not no prick
This thing [?]
And my people i'm on no cliff
Don't know where you've been don't want no spliff
But I roll my own
Hold my own
Bossman's back in a home I own
Love my weed so I grow my own
Don't DM me and don't phone my phone
Yeah what about them
What about us
10 years they ain't forgot about us
18 [?] if it's not about us
Yeah if they're feeling froggy then tell them leap

[Hook: Dapz On The Map]
Who's running our city?
Who's got the ting pon lock right now in our city
Who chose to quit and who makes pounds in our city
We know we know
Over the years we've seen them come and go
We don't play unless we're playing for kips
These suckers don't know how to succeed
Say it with your chest or don't speak
If you're feeling froggy then leap

[Verse 2: Dapz On The Map]
Yo, they never expected this like winning in [?]
It was either graft or gravel
Can't be an author and not write novels
Found myself in the deep end in my CP goggles
But didn't [?]
So now we pop bottles
We're loving the crew
f*ck one day lets celebrate two

Feels like Mario when he gets a super mushroom
Can't drink tea with man that sip tea
And can't break bread with loafers that snooze
Had broke days but had to break through
Reminded myself that I'm living the brum life
And I'm on grime from sun down to sun rise
Now I feel over the moon I'm like no say I...
Yo still had my old girls

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