[Verse 1: Bowzer Boss]
Four and a half straight to a nine
Into the box, the game is mine
Hit that trap and bill up the line
The mandem are dogs, all on slime
'Cause I’m live from the bando
Chopping trees with my Rambo
Anyone's ends, I can go
Roll with the gang when I go to a show

[Verse 2: Yaseen Rosay]
Yeah, live from OT
I got live five on me G
Triple OG, ODT
And I got life from my T
YGs on 3Gs
ODB, I need my P's
O’s and keys, you know my steez
Roll my sleeve, the Rolie sleep

[Verse 3: Bowzer Boss]
Two and a Q straight to a pack
Get yourself hurt if you're talking smack
Green in the cut, I don't f**k with crack
I was with Yas bagging O's in the trap
'Cause I've got life on my T
On the M6 doing one-fifty
Better bring that dough if you owe mе P
Thirty-six, yeah you know we're OG's
[Verse 4: Yaseen Rosay]
B-B10, you know it’s all gang
BB Gun, yеah this one bangs
See these ends and man don’t play
Keep your friends a mile away
I was with Bowz in the trap house
Chopping up flowers, money and power
Disrespect, get yourself showered
Have a man dashed off BT Tower

[Verse 5: Bowzer Boss]
Get a man dashed off the balcony
When I was down you weren't helping me
When I was broke you tried sell me dreams
Now man are up it ain’t hard to see
'Cause I'm life, I'm the graveyard
Life is a game, play the right card
Sawn-off shotty left a man scarred
Big bad Bowzy’s moving rah

[Verse 6: Yaseen Rosay]
Bid bad Yas and I'm moving rags
Have a man gone for about two bags
Top shelf shotter like p***o mags
Have a man smoked then I smoke a fag
'Cause I'm live from the cemetery
When I die, bury me a G
P*ssing Henny on my enemies
Said he wants two so we send him three
[Verse 7: Jaykae]
Yeah he said he wants five so I sent him ten
Send the location, mention when
Pray that my life don't end in pen
F**k them pricks, I ain't friends with them
'Cause I'm live from Small Heath
Invest in a watch, invest in a skeng
Wanna just cotch with a girl that's peng
Straps called Glen and he mix up leng

[Verse 8: Yaseen Rosay]
Live from HMP
Where real G's fill up canteen
Live from Small Heath
Where the other side don't reach
Live from overseas
In a Four Seasons en-suite
Five star linguine
This how the big boys go sleep

[Verse 9: Jaykae]
Yeah I can put a big man straight to sleep
Playing with fire but can't take the heat
Holler at Bowzer to make the beat
See me with Yaseen from A to B
'Cause I'm live from the place to be
Against all odds but we play for keeps
Them man are sheep, Little Bo Peep
They're gonna get a skin fade, take a seat
[Verse 10: Bowzer Boss]
I'll jack that pu**y and do it again
Wrap that pack and send it to Kent
Said it's all love but he ain't my friend
Too much dirt I need to repent
Too much graft and I cannot chill
Man need dough so open the till
Land at your yard like Grant and Phil
Ends full of monsters, shanks and steel

[Verse 11: Jaykae]
See me in dirty B10, 3310
Worked hard, I had a early weekend
If it's not my [?] it's earning me then
Arm-band you so swerve the deep-end
Don't you dare pretend
The manor's ours, we don't share these ends
A bag of bars, don't care if he sends
Don't make me call my serious friends

[Outro: Jaykae]
Son of a b*t*h