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"Trueno - RAIN (English Translation)"

How- how- how-

Raindrops crashin' on my window
Sunday, 10 am
Today I don't want to do anything
And I stay thinkin' in my bed

I aprecciate for my healthy life
All I do is for my mom
Outside there's people who loves me
I need to know how to manage the fame

I still can't believe it
My life didn't have value before
I keep goin', I don't care
Winning everything or leaving with nothing

I'm still the same, uh
Even though more people watches me, yeah
Now I can't go back, my family and my friends are my support

Baby, I wanted to love you, uh
I'm dying to see you again
I know things end and nothing lasts forever

I keep dreaming about greens
For me, luck doesn't exist
I have just one bullet and I want to be millionarie before death, yeah

All this is a maze but my mind doesn't let me lose myself
Inspiration nights make me write songs while others are sleeping, ah
I have people that hates me but I promised that I won't fall
Many persons listen to my music, but just a few understand it

I chose another path because I'm specialized on been different
I thank the one up there because I never missed a hot plate
The music helped me to solve problems with my mind
And it's the same that's making me meeting the other continents

I know you know Trueno but not what Mateo feels
All my fears and my concerns turned me into someone brave
I've thought on leaving all this
On forgetting and losing me
It wasn't my fault, i was just 14 and everything happened so fast

All the people I thought they'd love me, they criticized me, ey
I was just a kid and had to confront the problems
They told me to not listen them, that they just envy me and lie
I just wanted to show what I did, I didn't know that there were haters

The critics were on me, I didn't know were to hide
They put me the evil role when I wanted to be the hero
Time made me bigger, life made me understand myself
I started fighting for my future, I didn't stop even a minute

I have an only face, I'm a clear person
If i think bout' something I say it, I'm not from the ones who lie
I want to live from the story, those who criticize talk about it
And i'll keeping doing this
Even if the want to stop me

I apologize the ones that I failed
I apologize if I was wrong
I apologize to myself cause' I know in the past I hated myself

Sorry if I got emotional
Sorry if I released my fury, ah
Sorry if you didn't like the song
It's a rainy day fault

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