John Gabbana


Ayy, GRxDE, stop playin' with 'em, boy!

You ain’t no shooter my n***a, you bluffing
Come round this way, I’m bussing
Yo enemies come, you running
My enemies come, I’m gunning
You can’t buy that sh*t, no touching
Any money I touch, I’m doubling
Bring yo b*t*h round me, I’m f**king
Within the first 3 seconds, I’m nutting

I know you see the drip, my n***a
Is you a Blood or Crip, my n***a
Let’s roll up a zip my, n***a
f**k hoes in the whip my, n***a
That’s right, I’m horny
A lot of rap n***as corny
A lot of these rap n***as bore me
So I'ma do me, don’t worry
f**k it, let’s stick to the story

Yes, on my papers I still got that glizzy
You n***as some hoes, always caught in your feelings
The Devil can make anything look appealing
To go back to jail, [?] I am willing
So buss at me, b*t*h, I'ma buss back
I will not play with you rugrats
I'm down to f**k, but can't cuff that
b*t*h, go back to where your stuff at
pu**y ass n***as be woofin'
In real life, you n***as be shookin' (pu**y!)
Start dissing my name, you might get the reaction you want
When I know that I shouldn't, but I can't control it
And I think they know it
I try so hard not to show it
My choppa sing like a poet
Like every high note, it can hold it
Got out of jail and started back thugging (Got out of jail and started back thugging)
Gained some weight cause I've been grubbing (Gained some weight cause I've been grubbing)
Gucci shades on, don't I look stunning? (My Gucci shades on, don't I look stunning?)
They like, "What is he becoming?" (Uh-huh) Middle fingers up, I'm stunting (Gabbana)
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