Lethal Bizzle
What We Do
[Intro - Twista]
Twista, y'all
This is a Kray Twinz thing
Gotta say love to everybody in the UK
And we put it down like this

[Verse 1 - Twista]
Hit the club with Gold Timbs, Gold chain, Gold Bentley with the matching coat
Ten stacks and the fat kush sack to smoke
The party gonna be kinda jumping so I gots to go
Sh*t, ball hard it's the push of the month
Line way around the corner when I pull up front
You complained at the door, they wanna see ID
But I walk straight through cause I'm VIP, yeah
Cleared out the area for me because they got love
In the club I'm a motherf**king fool
Shorty all up in my face popping her fatty in front of me so now I wanna find out what it do
Get the waiter so I can order some Cristal
Ain't nobody in here messing with the Twist-style
Never try and run up on me, I got n***as posted around me and they all holding a pistol

[Hook - Twista]
Met a shorty so thick
What's up, I'm the twist and I wanna get to know ya
She pop it on me so I jack that a** 'till the party was
Took her home and she cut me too
Saw me moving so good she gone have to [?]
I'm 0-5 miles an untouchable when we fall up in the club this is what we do
[Verse 2 - Lethal Bizzle]
Lethal Bizzle in the place, yo, where the t**ties at?
36 triple H, that's cool, give me that
Yeah champagne and Alizé, give me sip of that
Never slipping, I was running with the .9 milli gat
Pow! Bring it, don't bring it if you ain't got big t**ties, big bum, big thighs to ride on the willy
Don't be silly, the Biz' already done locked the city
Enough talk let's get down to nitty-gritty
Clothes off, got a big fanny girl, let me see you show it off
Can you see the lollipop? Let me see you blow it off
To the bottom, to the top, just sit, just bop
Don't stop, don't stop, come on, Lisa
I know you hear me say yeah, I be doing it
But if it's that, no girl, I won't be chewing it
A lump in my sock yeah, that's my .22 in it
You make a move n***a I'll ruin it
Pow! Pow!


[Verse 3 - Gappy Ranks]
More champagne, more gla**es
Buy out the bar, me no care what the cost is
Roll up a big Philly blunt [?]
Twista, [?]
Hey girl [?]
Drink for free in the VIP then make sure you come home with me
[?] full of melody like Alicia Keys
[?] who supposed to be
[?] take you pon a shopping spree buy you clothes and groceries [?]