[Intro: Amber van Day & HUGEL]
De-de-de-de-de, bum-bum, ba-da
We gonna make the girls dance

[Verse 1: Amber van Day]
Ain't lookin' for enemies, but I ain't playin' nice (Mh-mhm)
The way you testin' me and look me in the eyes (Yeah)
Want some of my own candy, I love to see you try (Mhm)
Ain't nothin' real about the way you look tonight (Huhh, aight)

[Pre-Chorus: Amber van Day]
'Cause I know in the morning you'll be wakin' up all alone
Posin' all over your story with nothin' to hold but your phone
You got it bad all over your head
Girl, you obsessed (Ohh)

[Chorus: Amber van Day]
Think that you cool, but you ain't got a crown
Be watchin' and learnin' 'cause I show you how
Lookin at me, like you want my man

[Drop: Amber van Day]
What the f**k! (Ayy, ayy)
What the f**k! (Ayy, ayy)
What the f**k! (Ayy, ayy)
What the f**k! (Ayy, ayy)

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