Gone (HUGEL Remix)


[Intro: Marvin Brooks]
Miss me when I'm gone

[Verse 1: Marvin Brooks]
You see me on different stages
All the things that shine
But you’ve never seen the pages
That I left behind
Eye to eye with the evil
Through the valley of death
How far would you go now?
Would you

[Pre-Chorus: Marvin Brooks]
Follow me, follow me, follow me
And hide in a secret place
Would you stop ask questions
Or would you trust this place
Would you
Follow me, follow me, follow me
Are you my ride or die?
Would you cry when I cry?
Don't lie

[Chorus: Marvin Brooks]
Would you miss me whеn I'm gone
(Follow me, follow me, follow mе)
Miss me when I’m gone, gone, gone, gone, gone

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