Baby Keem

"Hooligan (REMIX)"

You started it from the top?
Damn I wish I could hear you
It’s all good
If I mess up

I am not rapping a show, (show)
The f**k I look like tryna prove in this? (yeah)
n***as will bite every flow (flow)
And claim a young n***a influenced him (yeah)
Been first, innovative like Elijah Woods b*t*h, I’m a hooligan. (yeah)
Spittin my green street but still a gunner
Make you drown and drip in this (ahh)
Homicide crime scene that's murder on 1600, b*t*h (yeah)
That's Wesley Snipes on the blade, (blade)
I tax every bamma that’s talking slick (yeah)
Turn around then say you want a pic (yeah)
These b*t*hes are texting they want the d**k (yeah)
Can’t do this without pay (uh)
Baby please give me my blue hunnids
Savin’ face like a photo opp say cheese when the camera turns my way
Making movies like a dream before inception casted Ellen Paige
Take a look from my jungle from a place mowgli can't even stay
Tigers and bears oh my (huh)
These rappers are selling lies
Can’t talk to me after 5 (huh)
Baby come sit your thighs (huh)
Right between chin and eyes (huh)
Still only pulling dimes (huh)
Killing by running defeat (huh)
Now I got blood on my shoes (huh)
b*t*h I got blood on my hands (huh)
Moving like thanos can't lose
Double the v’s you get the clue
n***as will never have to bruise
Earning a stack in my revenues
Baby, look i am the living proof
I'm drip down black and gold (gold)
The royalty lives in my flows (flows)
n***as still selling their souls
For chicken change it is written mane
I am living truth better check the name (hey!)
I am born AkinG ya’ll producing lames (ho!)
I am ace of spades but I Never drink (hey!)
Uno padre you know how the daygo (ho!)
Wake up and stretch then check the bank (bank)
Til I do more than my payroll (payroll)
Baby, please give me my ben franks
And make it flood so a n***a can swim solo
Paint a pic, photo, Innocircle, logo
Enterprise, promo, Top dawg, toto
Flow nuts, loco (loco, n***a)
Play for free? no no
8 figs, Ocho, 8 figs Ocho
Still getting my cream (yeah!)
All from living my dream spitting my streams
Grass still green, sporting hats, no damn supreme
Frontman Mrs. Ross (yeah)
I paid the cost to be the boss (uh-huh)
Still on the deep end and a n***a still yet to take a loss
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