Baby Keem
Family Ties (Freestyle)
Verse 1:



Community Service Lol

Let's Get it....Dubba
The game is in trouble, now I’m out my bubble
I move like a circus, my life i still juggle
I’m Doing this cover, their looking for cover
I’ve been underground, like Harriet Tubman
I run to the lord, who bless with abundance
I’m hearing this music I can’t even stomach
Cause nothing is subtle, I went thru the struggle
We had a tragedy over the summer
And people thought Hilltop was over and done wit
I Rеally appreciate all of the prayеrs
And even the stare cause that kept us running
We’ve just planning the things that we saying of course we’ve been praying ,To keep it 100
I see my goals and I’m not gonna punt it
I got the ball and I swear ain’t no fumblin
I hear the whispers and all of the rumbling
People been texting like we up to something
I promise the devil is keeping us under
I’ma chameleon flexing my colors
And Jesus be walking with me in the furnace
Now we gotta somebody watching above us
Shoutout my sister, and all of my Brothers… though darkness and grief we held up each other
Almost disbanded a couple of times
That light on a hill, forever will shine
I’ve been on my grind, Can’t waste no more time
I’m drawing a line, disjunction I bind
Like baby back ribs, I’m still in my prime
Lord give me a sign, if I’m out of line
If I’m outta pocket like Patrick mahomes
Forgive me sometimes I just be in my zone