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2nd Exit


[Verse 1]
Hailing from the depths of somewhere past
Where time stood still and the sun sets fast
And folks drink til they've drunk their last drop
So they can forget truth starts and farce stops
And when the cards flop out on the table
Lessons digest like an Aesop fable
While many digress and others enable
Leaders sell out like a sweet shops staple
Hooked on the sugar slave to the nicotine
Peoples ideas of success is all limousines and diamonds
Everyday there’s new violence
Dodge the sickle gene die by the siren
Catch the guillotine for breaking the silence
Live by the knife and fall to the social climbers
Who gives a crap about the climate
Cos we'll be long gone before we see the tide rise up
So dry your eyes don't cry for the amazon
Forget the rainforest save yourself the embarrassment
Forget the oceans you won’t save the planet son
You don't have the pallet to handle the damage done
Best to stick to middle management
Keep the thoughts to a minimum and actions inanimate
And don't play the devil's advocate
Unless you want to be caged like all the animals
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