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2nd Exit


[Verse 1]
I'll take the blame if you drop me out
I got your missed call I'm sorry forgot to shout
It's like whenever you come around I'm not about
That ain't even shocking how about we wait and reconvene
I hate deleted scenes but the time I take away
Is kinda making me believe enables me to breathe
One day I'll reach my peak
And say at least I'll lead my family to reap the seeds
I could easily concede
But I'm sewing in advance
But these days I'm noticing demands that I can't meet
But I'm too broke to miss a chance
I'm closed off can't see me opening my arms
Or sing and dance she's in a trance
Thinking while I focus on despair
About relationships to broken to repair
I told her wait a bit and I know this isn't fair
But my mind is elsewhere so it's helpless when I'm there

Understand me understand you
Look I know we're family but it's brand new
Stuff like this takes a minute or two
But we should talk too
Understand you understand me
No we didn't plan to but we can leave
There's no one that this affects in the grand scheme
And scene
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