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Avey Tare

"Dog Says Goodbye"

I took my dog out, to the land from Faust
But the fog, if I left her, It'll run at the fog
But this car did take her all around
To the car
Said the sound, is an earful
And I think we drove out too far
And I think, if lost, overt free(?)
Why can’t you love as you die
Just an orchard, but we'll form again in time

My dog sat me down in a cold leading out
With a man, stuff their faces
And a child fights the wolf
His teeth did bite down and stared unto me
He said, the drive home
It's not these places, or instead, my company
And I think it lost all our feeling
Why can’t we grow up?
Cause I don't belong here
And the nightmare will haunt

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