Billy Marchiafava


[Verse 1: Billy Marchiafava]
OK bag from Margiela
Shoes  they from Prada
Sike  b*t*h I’m broke
I ain’t never made a dollar
I got bad b*t*hes
All  around my collar
I  dropped out of school but b*t*h billy is still a Scholar
Cuz I did it by my muh-f**kin self
All  I eat is lettuce baby billy bout my health
I got milf hoess dancing in they jeans
I pull up on yo b*t*h and i make a f**kin scene
Oh damn whatchu mean
Winnin  with my team
All my b*t*hes mean
All my diamonds real clean
All my music trash
But I still get them streams
I make a couple thousand every time I f**king speak ayy ohh
You a geek
Yo pockets lookin weak
Billy got the sauce every day of the weak
Flex like hogan
Billy got the potion
I got hella hoes
Billy smooth like lotion
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