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Billy Marchiafava

"Great Song!"

[Verse 1]
Billy blew up and now everyone looking
I started from nothing now y'all wanna book me
I copped a new foreign without even lookin’
I started a wave and now I'm world tourin '
This music is simple, this music is easy
I rap about nothing then go back to sleeping
I cop me check then I bounce like a bunny
Respect older woman they tell me they love me
Ayy they tell me they love me
And I just went 30 for 30 I’m bluffin'
I don't leave the crib unless I'm getting money
I won't even blink until I've made a milly
I'm bad
b*tch I got racks
And no we can't work unless I’m getting stacks
I need my percentage
I need my advance
I need a new girl that gon shake all that-

[Verse 2]
I cannot swear
Cuz now I’m so big that the parents get mad
I run up a check like I'm running for mayor
I fell asleep rappin’ woke up millionaire
Shout-out to Vinson we ball like the Lakers
And I will not stop till we all getting paper
And if u swag-jaggin don't sit at our table
Billy blew up now they flocking like seagulls

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