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03 Greedo


Verse 1:
We're nothing special
Shut your mouth let's keep that confidential
Hustling finding money after school now that's the damn essential
22 I’m still new keep it going what to do dealing sh*ts like i'm 2 now life is like a scribble
Stressing up on my grades
Problems poking, sharp like the blade
When is it stopping, pull up the date
Going thru as if I’m getting paid
Hold up listen wait
Wishing I finna be dead
Waiting for death like it's late
Laze for 247 on my bed

Verse 2:
(RIVAYI & 03)
19 and I’m hustling
All them working just to get some bling bling
Started from the bottom now we changing
Got competition everywhere call it skill cause I’m still the king

Was happy till reality kicked in
Mesmerising when I had you i had everything
Got me thinking when i wake up in the morning
Whether this is real or am i just hallucinating

Got left a couple years back
(skrrt skrrt) now we gon back track
Addicted to love like it was a cigarette pack
Damn without you my world be feeling super white and black
Sad to say i don’t need you (yuh)
All i wanna see is the sky being blue
Looser than a joint without screws
Girl don't you know that i don't really need you

(03) life be killing us all
When it hits we're gonna fall
Going down standing back tall
Together we won't ever crawl
You have no faith in me
Hate and heat is all i need
Going off scales with no limits
Still believing in my creed

Verse 3
(TQ) we're young but intelligent
Look at this rhetoric
Kind of thought that was the evident
If not then here's the evidence
I'm back at it again
Give this boy a pen and a palace
Cause he ain't feeling no pain
Put to paper just to give it life
So throw the bullsh*ts and keep in your mind like some advice
TQ in the booth here really snapping up with dollars for life
Me and the boys 65 we killin the bars with a knife

Real lies being told to me
Real eyes realise who is true to me
So stay away from me my feelings ain't free
Girl you know what to do so keep it like how it should be

You're too blind to see
I'm too tired to tell
You gave me hell
Does that ring a bell
You love when i'm up, not when i'm down
Twisted words spreaded when i'm not around

Now back to where started
To the time we both got parted
Where I used to be your world
But with that new guy you left me half hearted
sh*t ain't real girl you words ain't real
Our love was surreal
You loved me for cashing out money for the bill
This ain't right girl you know you ain't right
b*tch you fight for that guy more than me now we ain't tight
I got replaced yeah you heard i got replaced
Nothing last and no one even stays
Good days were a phase

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