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You tripping out ya mind, baby [x6]
You can't help yourself, can you?
You wanna take all these sides, when
You know the truth, in your eyes are lies
Tell em, tell em, tell em, now [x4]

You can't hide the truth from yourself
You keep bottling these emotions
They might do like milk and spill out
You can't render the future
You can't render the past
You can make your path, and see how good it last
But no winner come in last, does he, does she
You thinking no, but every loser has to have a trophy
No matter the goal, you wanna joke with ya friends
They don't know nothing about you, so when
You think do they care about me, your gut switching sides too
What you thinking [x3] is all you need to know
Don't pick sides, the world is wide, but you need to hold
The bowl, don't spill out your soul, just know

You tripping out ya mind, baby [x6]

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