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The Cast of Bodied

"Devine Wright vs. Prospek"

[Round 1: Prospek/Dumbfoundead]
f*ck this Asian motherf*cker!!!
f*ck this kamikaze plane, Tamagotchi playin', shots of saki taking motherf*cker
f*ck Lucy Liu and Sulu too
f*ck your ninja stars, your Subaru
f*ck Buddha and Confucius too
Wait, actually I don't know if I should be rhyming all that
I don't know how China attacks
I'm not tryna to get a cyber-attack
Or trying to get hacked
If you were on your death bed and saw your life in a flash
It would be you designing an app, dining on cats, and doing science and math
Your family's either making Civics or has a nail and facial business
I'm surprised the movie Crash didn't have more Asians in it
Why is it so hard for you to drive?
I seen Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, you motherf*ckers used to fly
You know what you call goin' with an Asian on a Uber ride? Suicide!
If I cut your voice box I bet you'd bleed soy sauce
When you're at the arcade they mistakin' your eyes for the coin slots
This Asian is an overachiever, you be catchin' more dogs than you can store in the freezer
Your idea of playing catch is throwing a cleaver at a golden retriever
So if I call you a rice farming, bootlegging, dry cleaning, bad driving piece of sh*t and these dudes will laugh
And if you're wondering why I'm dissing Asians...you do the math

[Round 1: Devine Wright]
This b*tch got at me for being Asian, mmm... but came with some weak sh*t
So now I gotta get on my sh*t dissing ladies... 'cause that's clearly what she is!
Ain't no vaginoplast' that can give her a tighter snatch
This b*tch got a wider gap than the income between white and black
If she ain't giving up the pus*y, you could get sucked then, that's a black ho
I said even if she ain't giving up the pus*y, you could get sucked in, that's a black hole!
Before I even let the gun kiss her I'ma give this b*tch a Tic Tac Whoo!
'Cause her breath is so foul when she spit it got a kickback!
They be havin' stage fright when I whip out this di*k
'Cause it'll make a b*tch choke and then forget how to spit
She too ugly to even feed her the D, the only way a n*gga keep her in Gs
If she Ayesha Curry and her cookin' make n*ggas weak in the knees
She be having welfare babies, but I give the hustle respect
'Cause we both sonning n*ggas just for the check!
I know y'all confused by what we doin', so check it... we just figured
We'd flip the same sh*t we always hear from you f*ck n*ggas!
So yo Pro, we killed this sh*t, we f*ckin' em up, n*gga
And for the rest of y'all, you can do them cliché bars...but you can't do them better than US, n*gga!

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