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The Cast of Bodied

"Megaton vs Adam"

[Round 1: Megaton]
My opponent quit like a coward, so I guess I gotta start killin' his squad
Starting with this b*tch over here looking like Biggie Minaj
Ho you look like Rah Digga...(b*tch I will body your ass!)
If she was crossed with Godzilla!
A white dude, an Asian, a black girl, and a Mexican
Who the f*ck y'all supposed to be, the United Colors of Benetton?
Man, it's like the rap version of the Village People
Anyone of you motherf*cks. Little punk-ass chumps
I'll battle any one of y'all at once. Tell Behn what's up!
What's up Mag, what's up Bluntz, I'll f*ck both of you up!
Y'all ain't nothing but chumps. Every single one of you f*cks
I thought Adam you was a freestyler, right? Well show me what's up

"C'mon b*tch show me what's up, you little f*ckin' worm
Let's get it you geeky-ass dweeb. You little di*k suckin' McLovin
Come show me some of those freestyles, f*ck boy."

Man, I ain't the f*ckin' kid to step to
You see this? It's that look you have on your face when you've been crying all day because your b*tch just left you
Maybe it's cause she found your Boy George tapes and realized you go both ways /
Or maybe it's no one wants to procreate with your Macaulay Caulkin traits
And have a kid born one day with the same pointy nose and oval shaped Topher Grace
Slash Norman Bates looking bony face
They got me all the way out here in the Golden State
Battling with the same little white b*tch that 2Pac and Kobe raped!
Before this cracker learned about the Black Panthers through his dad's lectures
Ohh, he wanted to be a Klan member but he found out he can't enter
'Cause they didn't accept people that are transgender
For setting this up, f*ck you too, I don't trust you either
You should know the only reason he wants to be here is cause he got jungle fever
Looking like Justin Bieber in a f*cking muscle T-shirt
You're a f*ckin' fan of Hanson, Marilyn Manson's grandson
This is a bodybag that you ain't coming back from
"Straight up!"

[Round 1: Adam]
"Shut the f*ck up!"
You think you're a super villain? I'm about to tear your mask off
'Cause now you're talkin' to the devil like Ivan Karamazov
You think cause you're a terrorist, martyr, Arabic scholar, preparing for Allah that you can't be served?
You're not a suicide bomber just 'cause you got the eyebrows of an Angry Bird!
So I'll go grab Che and let him bust at you till the chopper jams
On your falafel stand from his taco van
You're dating a porn star, we all know what her vagina's touched
Most terrorists get 72 virgins, you got a b*tch who's f*cked 72 guys at once!
"Do You think this sh*t's real?"
You call me a faggot and half of these guys collapse from laughter
Battle rap is so f*cking corny I'm a battle rapper!
"Here's an example..."
You caught Che with your girl and didn't throw a fist at the dude
But you punched someone for getting in your face, but if someone's getting in your b*tch then it's cool?
These battlers are all soft, they just pull the tough guy sh*t for the views
Well I'm all up in your face now... so what the f*ck is this b*tch gonna do?
That little love tap? That was real touching
But I just murdered my own friend so you should know that I DON'T FEEL NOTHING!
You tap chins when you know you can't win, you thought you could leave me on the ground?
I mighta lost a tooth, but... f*ck it, I JUST BEAT YOU FOR THE CROWN!

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