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"I Ain't Going"

Uh! Haha, fonem, aye!

Got on what you want shawty, sh*t!
High as hell, lit!
Tryna break a brick!
I can't fail, I'm excel and I'm making hits!
I can't wait for sh*t! they gon hate this sh*t! (aye)
On that pound (aye)
Hol that down (aye)
Hol that down (aye)
Hol that down (aye)
I'm rollin loud (aye)
Turn that down (aye)
On that sound (aye)
Hold that down

sh*t'a get wicked I'm all in the mud
It was just me and my buddies
Hustlin, thuggin, uh
It was just me and my cousins, uh
Runnin out the pack, b*tches bussin
n*ggas be actin and bluffin
He got to muggin, bro got to bussin
Ain't it bout that time, I think it's our time
Now they on my line, that's when I decline
I be all about the rhyme, forgot to remind em
Put in that work inside my mind, I make em resign
What you want shawty? sh*t, how you comin, b*tch?
You need some assistance?
Counting hunnids, to be honest, I don't wanna kick it
I just wanna flip it, come get on some rich sh*t
See the difference, we don't sit with them
Counting dividends, you should've been listenin
I have you ? lil kid, mind yours
I need everything I can get, buy in stores
2-pac like a felli in the photo riding heavy
I been ballin spaghetti, have a baller's confetti
My wrist come out the cooler, we come right out the zoo
It's demons and animals, can't nobody manage you
Yeah that sh*t a challenge but you gotta have some balance
Betta have some talent, we hackin sh*t, we foulin, wylin
Money on my mind, it's game time
And I'm trappin at the same time
And a n*gga rappin at the same time
Cuz I'm lackin on the bassline
I'm slide right out the state, Ah, you wanna race?
Cappin on the interstate, throw some act up in the shake
I'm driving it, it's shakin
I'm high, I'm lookin asian
I'm too fly, I need a cape
Too tired, I ain't in shape
Woah, they ain't know, brick bank rolls at his head, kangos
I can't go, I bang hoes
That pus*y too wet, I think I need raincoat

But I ain't know, they ain't know it
Oh I ain't know it, n*ggas ain't knowin
I ain't goin, game on
I ain't goin, I ain't goin

Got on what you want shawty, sh*t
High as hell, lit
Tryna break a brick
I can't fail, I'm excel and I'm making hits
I can't wait for sh*t, they gon hate this sh*t (aye)

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