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Rocky Badd


[Verse: Cash Kidd]
Hold up, Jimmy roll up
Label blowing up my line, I just hung the phone up
Hit me back when them numbers go up
n*gga get a bag, like you gotta throw up
Hold up
Before rap, I was a muthaf*cka
Wanted that jacket like a muthaf*cka
But they was taxing like a muthaf*cka
So we was jacking like a muthaf*cka
Trapping like a muthaf*cka
Strapped just like a muthaf*cka
Make a n*gga whip disappear, like he Wonder Woman
Bad b*tches on both sides, like I'm double dutching
Leave a b*tch Dm on read, like a nutter butter
Rip Jeff, Rip Red
We like blood brothers
Counting money, holding back tears
Like I’m cutting onions
Jumpman Jumpman, that boy up to something
Couple hunnid, they gone peal you off like you up to something
Give a f*ck bout how you feel b*tch
I pay my own bills and I pay my momma bills
And I pay my b*tch bills, I ain't even sign no deals
I don't got no time to chill, buffed up like a body build
Line em up, fire drill
Catch a net, soccer field
Catch a net, like a goalie
Gotta ride with choppas still
On the road, a thousand pills
Left the read or writer chill
On the stage with that ratchet, they should call me dolla bill
On the stage, get the clapping like Dr. Phil
These n*ggas just rapping bout the sh*t, they not for real n*gga

[Verse: Rocky Badd]
Hold on
They not for real
I heard the b*tches just be rapping, they not for real
I see they like b*tches capping, I be for real
Know I pull up make sh*t happen, without a deal
If you miss me, put them titties on my FaceTime
Getting head from two b*tches at the same time
Getting bread from two n*ggas, while I save mine
I’ll die before I'll ever let them take mine
I be working out on b*tches like I'm bench pressed
Ain't stressing out on no n*ggas, tell a b*tch yes
I'm a roll on a stripper, leave a big mess
On the phone talking business, need a big bag
Yeah they big mad, prices going up
Nails getting longer, so they cost more
Need a big check, put that little chicken up
Now you got a pair feet, and it cost for me to talk more
It ain't sh*t a rap b*tch gone do to me
Glock 9 on my hip, this b*tch glued to me
Old b*tch can't stay away, I guess she use to me
Told that b*tch to learn her place, she a used to be
Ain't no talking when I finally catch em out in traffic
I’m from that way and down to scrap it, so I guess I’m ratchet
I made a wave, and still ain't bragging
Muthaf*cka asking
I played it sweet, you tried to eat they blessings
I touched a lot of sh*t these b*tches had to f*ck for
But not a lot of sh*t these b*tches would’ve f*cked for
I think he love me, let him eat it
Wouldn't bust for
Yo n*gga picked me, when you see me, what you tough for?
You can never say you seen me with my head down
Cause ain't no hoe in my blood, better stand down
Old friends with the opps, guess they friends now
Let me catch them not he's out, it’s a man down
All of a sudden everybody got they hands out
Lil b*tch who wasn't with me, put yo hands down
Now everybody wanna rap and get fans now
Suck a di*k whoever pooping, want a friend now
If anything, I be cutting b*tches off
This is weird and they lost
Made them get the f*ck off
Know you hurt to see me winning
Know you sick I ain't lost
Told that b*tch, “I'm the boss”
Gave that lame b*tch a toss
Been seen what a rap n*gga head like
I ain't worried what a rap b*tch laying like
Cause they know how this rap b*tch playing right
I got Killas, but they quicker when you pay em right

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