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Rocky Badd


I didn't get this draco tatted for no reason
I  got this b*tch tatted after a b*tch told me in her song
"You  ain't got enough muscle for the draco to kick back"

Rocky, why you speaking on me, b*tch? I wasn't speaking on you

Been  on my di*k b*tch. You love my style

[Verse 1:]
Glock on me now and that b*tch fully loaded
Why  b*tches talking pistols and I know they homeless
Do it for the gram, they don't really want it
I got b*tches cliquin' up 'cause they already folded
You got a big head, I got a big gun (I got a big gun)
I  want b*tches dead, don't care which one (Don't care which one)
I put b*tches on they heads, tell 'em get some
We could scrap or we could shoot, just tell 'em pick one
Say she coming to the city, I should bring my n*ggas
She must want me back in jail 'cause I'on play with n*ggas
But my guys don't need a reason, better save ya n*ggas
When you finally get yo L b*tch don't be blamin' n*ggas
Cuban got her head bust for a free chain
Molly linkin' up with opps so she could scream gang
Tatt a gun she never shot, I think the b*tch lame
Never been a hoe, if it's a problem I'mma speak names
I'll chop the whole car, f*ck them b*tches ridin'
Stunna came to Detroit but the b*tch was high
They don't really want no smoke, b*tches know I'm slidin'
'Cause if it really came to it b*tches know they dyin'
Molly on some sh*t, b*tch come get a testing
If she stay off my di*k, sh*t I'll give her extra
Seen in person she ain't sh*t so I don't even sweat her
All she do is talk sh*t so I can't even let her
You gave that pus*y to a lame, now you mad about it
Cuban f*cked a snitch n*gga, ain't no way she 'bout it
Stunna pus*y got a ticket, you can pay her out it
My n*gga know my sh*t on lock so he don't play about it

Hoes still ain't got a car, but they got a M
I'm a hustler. I'll never see me roll with them
Free hair and some clothes, b*tches think they goals?
Whoever put you b*tches on know they f*ckin' wrong

Hoes don't see a doctor, but they see me post
When I ran down on Cuban that b*tch seen a ghost
I be thuggin' in my city, it ain't hard to find me
Talkin' n*ggas that they f*cked is when they caught a body

[Verse 2:]
Yes, I'mma knock the color out these b*tches wigs
Me turn down some beef? b*tch I never did
Since these b*tches want me dead tell 'em get me then
Y'all got abortions 'cause y'all know I woulda killed the kids
I'll spit on b*tches mamas if I ever seen 'em
I'll tell the truth. To be one hunnid, I do not believe 'em
Hoes gathered all they n*ggas just for one scar
And the picture in the cage, that was the dumbest part
Lemme gather all my n*ggas, ain't no going home
Head busted, teeth missin', and some broken bones
Cuban told the whole world she be callin' 12
If I'on get 'em back on Earth I'mma catch 'em in hell
b*tches catchin' a shell. They be cappin' forreal
That nine on me like my jeans, ain't no lackin' forreal
b*tches actin' forreal
Give 'em action they tell
When you had braces in yo mouth, that's not packin' the steel
I think b*tches is jokes. Besides pictures they broke
I let b*tches hang they self, I just give 'em the ropes
Every b*tch that wanted beef say my song as a quote
That's why they can't stay away. sh*t, I'm better than dope
All y'all b*tches can die
They just sick I'm the goat
Until they bury b*tches souls, I'mma bully them hoes
b*tches know what I'm on
Just keep rappin' for now
All that tough sh*t they was postin', they takin' it down
Ain't no takin' me down
Get to sprayin' 'em down
And if you on them b*tches side then I'm layin' you down
I'm in the booth like it's a gym, sh*t I'm playin' for now

I'm Rocky Badd, hard body. Now say that I'm lyin'


Y'all already know what the f*ck I'm on

And you
Been on my di*k, b*tch. You love my style

And we keepin' all that sh*t!


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