Rocky Badd


I didn't get this draco tatted for no reason
I  got this b*t*h tatted after a b*t*h told me in her song
"You  ain't got enough muscle for the draco to kick back"

Rocky, why you speaking on me, b*t*h? I wasn't speaking on you

Been  on my d**k b*t*h. You love my style

[Verse 1:]
Glock on me now and that b*t*h fully loaded
Why  b*t*hes talking pistols and I know they homeless
Do it for the gram, they don't really want it
I got b*t*hes cliquin' up 'cause they already folded
You got a big head, I got a big gun (I got a big gun)
I  want b*t*hes dead, don't care which one (Don't care which one)
I put b*t*hes on they heads, tell 'em get some
We could scrap or we could shoot, just tell 'em pick one
Say she coming to the city, I should bring my n***as
She must want me back in jail 'cause I'on play with n***as
But my guys don't need a reason, better save ya n***as
When you finally get yo L b*t*h don't be blamin' n***as
Cuban got her head bust for a free chain
Molly linkin' up with opps so she could scream gang
Tatt a gun she never shot, I think the b*t*h lame
Never been a hoe, if it's a problem I'mma speak names
I'll chop the whole car, f**k them b*t*hes ridin'
Stunna came to Detroit but the b*t*h was high
They don't really want no smoke, b*t*hes know I'm slidin'
'Cause if it really came to it b*t*hes know they dyin'
Molly on some sh*t, b*t*h come get a testing
If she stay off my d**k, sh*t I'll give her extra
Seen in person she ain't sh*t so I don't even sweat her
All she do is talk sh*t so I can't even let her
You gave that pu**y to a lame, now you mad about it
Cuban f**ked a snitch n***a, ain't no way she 'bout it
Stunna pu**y got a ticket, you can pay her out it
My n***a know my sh*t on lock so he don't play about it
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