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Amigo the Devil

"One Kind of People"

There's only one thing in this life that makes us living
It's not the muscles or the size of your car
It's not the everlasting hope of finding purpose
Or knowing who we are

It starts with realizing death is just one moment
And in the end those two are all we really score
But I've heard you and me and the devil makes three
So Hell, oh, is it me you're looking for?

And I've never walked the line
Because I've always rather shoved it in my nose
And I drink, therefore I am
At least I think that's how the saying goes

It doesn't matter what you've heard or if you're good or bad and everything between
If you have a lot of money, if you're funny, or just fifty shades of mean
If you've studied in the Good Book or you couldn't give a damn
And you'd rather watch the movie, that's fine
Because there's one kind of people in this world:
People who die

Some people follow rules
Some people go around
There's always gonna be a better high, and a lower down
There's always gonna be the person at the show
Who paid to watch the whole thing on their phone
And the only thing I know about that life I'm not about
This life is a maze with only one way out

But like a Catholic girl who turns the other cheek
To keep the virgin in her name
Or marrying for money goes to show:
Where there's a will there's a way

It doesn't matter what you've burned or if you've ever been concerned about mistakes
All the bridges in the world won't lead you back to fix what couldn't be erased
If you're haggard with Merle when Katy Perry kissed a girl or you buy your sh*t at REI
There's only one kind of people in this world
People who die
People who die, die, die
People who die
People who die, die, die
People who die
People who die
People who die
People who die

"That's all folks"

I've been working these years for peanuts
Wondering my own impending doom
But as an elephant I'm only really relevant
When I'm standing in a room

And I'd like to live my life just like a dog
Humble as can be and unconditional in everything I love
Or maybe I could be more like a lion
Clean my teeth on all the blood and bones I kill to feed my lion child

But a lionhearted man still wants to find something he can love
Like a dog I'll roam this land
Find the bone that I've been dreaming of
And a bird can fly away
But I'd rather have reason I should stay

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