Tempa T
The Greatest (Star.One Remix)
[Intro: Raleigh Ritchie]
Greatest, I mean it
We'll never be defeated
The greatest, I mean it
We'll never be defeated
Greatest, I mean it
The g-g-g-g-g-g-greatest
We're the greatest I mean it
Greatest, I mean it

[Hook: Raleigh Ritchie]
We're the greatest I mean it
Greatest, I mean it
We're the greatest I mean it
Greatest, I mean it
We're the greatest I mean it
Greatest, I mean it
We're the greatest I mean it
We'll never be defeated

[Verse 1: Ghetts]
Am I the greatest? Hell yeah
I ain't met a spitter in the world yet
Who ain't cautious when I'm in the same roof as
You don't wanna hear my bars first
When I'm on the same tune
Come through swinging like Beirut taking off headtops, move
I hope them lot warned you, too late
Headshot, you ain't gonna pull through
Flatline for these MCs
I clap mine till it's empty
Swear down, man are dying like it's trendy
It's a landslide when they send me
Take anybody out, standard
None of these spitters are great (None at all)
They're just great at being average
Nowadays when I hear who people are rating
I don't understand it
I feel like a hater when everybody loves something
Everybody's saying it's a big tune
And I'm the only one in my circle that ain't banged it
So many bad boy spitters undercover in the scene
It's gonna be mad when I remove the blanket
What a bloody punchline
I've been caught red-handed
Lyricism at its finest
The bravado, I kill a riddim with some violence
Stop that flow, sounds similar to my ting
Nip it in the bubble but I nip it in my writing
I'm the n***a you've been biting
I showed you man about syllable aligning
You could never bring it to the t**an
[Hook: Raleigh Ritchie]

[Verse 2: Stormzy]
Young boy came through with the stainless
Slip right now you are shameless
Real talk, man wanna chat about greatness
Swear down, n***a, I could've went Cambridge
Hear now, real talk, I could've went Oxford, boy
Still pull the track, man, I've got this, boy
Yeah, they're alright but they're not this boy
This is God's plan, can't stop this boy
Listen up, n***as ain't leveling me now
One shot, two shot, everybody down
Ain't on the ends when you're never in the town
Boy Better Know I'm a rebel with the sound
Wanna chat about who? Chat about I?
Rap about you? I can rap about life
Banger in the booth when I'm rapping 'bout the side
Gotta have a zoot when I balance on my high
Listen, I ain't the one you should play with
I've got a new bible that I pray with
Look up in the sky, it's a spaceship
No n***a, it's me, I'm the greatest, wait there
Check 1-2, where you know me from?
Check 1-2, yeah you know we on
Look, all them boy dere are fake
Cuh they just smile and nod when they know you're wrong
Look, I ain't into all that
Think I've got my minerals back
I just write my bar and then hear the beat
And just hope my syllables mad
Every single time I spit, they all clap
Look, we call that light work
If you wanna be so great
Go and pick up the mic first, pu**y
[Hook x2]

[Verse 3: Tempa T]
You better know that we're great
In the grime scene, better know that we're bait
We're the greatest guys, we're the greatest guys
Touch mic, we're entertaining
Gonna reel off bars, we'll reel off bars
Dem boys won't be remaining
It's just beats and bars and bars and beats
Dun know, man have to reach them stars
Defeat who? Defeat us, defeat them
I'mma shine each other , I set trend
Greatest alive, we're the greatest alive
It's bait, it's nothing at all to beat them
We're not defeated, I so mean it
When you're telling us, couldn't hear that, boy
Don't shell it out, I'm the shelliest man
Muck around, man have to hear that boy
We're paying, 2015, we're paying
Greatest alive, rudeboy, what you saying?
Women come around because man started praying
You couldn't lock down, act up
How you gonna get up now? We're the cleaners
Dem man dere get dust down
Any old furniture get dragged out, we're the kings
Nobody takes our crown
They thought they was bad, we're not little lads
We're the greatest, everyone knows that we bite
They get excited when we touch mic
Cause when I touch mic, I spaz out now
Spaz out now, dun know it's a hype ting
When I touch mic, I wile out crowds
Simmer me down? No way
Beat us? Man have to get knocked down
[Hook: Raleigh Ritchie]