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Intricate TheAlmighty


My mind is on a get up
My mind is on a get up
Lost in a world, that no one can enter
Headphones check, ease on down the road whiz a-round
To the sound left-right foot pick up
I gotta go get it
Whatever it is
Im on a mission
I can see it growing in the distance
What is it? Nothing, I just dream on the routine
One day I'm gonna break it and leave
Adios, I'm out I'm ghost
Workin on that audio
You cannot copy those
If it's dope you're prolly close
Play it on the radio
Had my groove going since a la-di-da-di snotty nose
A cool man rockin in some tommy clothes
Where mommy dou?
I grew up and blew up
Maneuvered through things I ain't knew of
A screw up, I threw up
Some L's but still I will move up
From stupor, to super
From lost in the world to a Buddha
And I still I have a ways to go, excuse me

If I could just get one more foot right in front the other
I know that I'll be bound to make it(x2)
Excuse me

I got places that I need to go
If it ain't a show then I'm ghost
If I ain't home I'm on the road
Brothas in the back
Scheming on how we can dominate the globe
What are your interest, what are your plans, what you want, what are your goals?
Might as well go for the gold, while you're at it
If you want it go and get it that's the only way you'll have it
If you don't then don't expect for magic poof and it just happens
Imagine, you and I could live in the sky
You and I could come clean and do what we like…

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