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"Blood on my Wrist (Feat. Sadistik)"

What is all this
There's blood on my wrist
Got nothing but bliss
Living this life but i'd love to resist
They love to submit
Running amok and i'm nothing but p*ssed
Wanting to quit
Wanna get out but i'm stuck in a ditch

Done with this sh*t
Hope for the day that i never look back
Gotten the itch all my decisions awaken the wrath
Taking a drag
Trying to listen if satan will laugh
Plan of attack is i'm taking a tab
Path of disaster we're fading to black

Really wanna be the only one
I just want to stare into the sun
Hit a blunt til i'm feeling numb
Red rum red rum i am never done
Head hunt head hunt no i never run
Only want to sink into my grave
Only want to live until i fade
Never wanna see another day think i can try to go and live i dont wanna go and die
But i won't ever forgive what they want to say

Live what they wanna say
Give when they want to take
Binge when they wanna see a mothaf*cka go into abyss but im not okay

Page written wrong so i'm into the fray
Feeling lost so long, i'm not living awake
I'm a bomb ticking off, think of digging my grave
Ive been gone i've been lost so i'll sink in the hate, yeah

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