Katy Perry


[Verse 1: Jitbands14]
Jitbands here I am next up
You talk all that sh*t I don't really give a f**k
You see me at the playground and now you are starstruck
You say that I'm trash but your music f**king sucks
Me and CigSmoker we posted at Sawmal
Like "Who the f**k got some damn chips y'all?"
My b*t*h is bad no I am not no Bryce Hall
I got no hoes but I heard your b*t*h called

Jitbands14 next up
Jitbands that was trash as f**k, you suck
c*mfest y'all better turn the f**k up
J-J-Jitbands14 next up

[Verse 2: Jitbands14]
Last friday night I f**ked your b*t*h yeah
And she looks like an ape she belongs in a zoo damn
I'm not homo but I'll take your f**kin' man
Asked me to perform I said it sounds like a plan
I'm in my bedroom making this for my fans
Talk sh*t about me but I am f**king on your nan
Say cuss words and you will get f**king banned
Feel like Melly, got a white coupe, butter pecan
Jitbands and CigSmoker we don't mess around
Posted at Sawmal like it's our f**kin ground
Me and CigSmoker in a throne because we are crowned
Yeah I fell off but I'll catch this damn rebound
Shoutout to Minion and Nathan2Sick
Minion likes my feet and Nathan likes my d**k
Me and Cigsmoker cruisin' with the f**kin sticks
They try to make fun of me because I c*m quick
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